10 questions to ask when buying a surgical headlight

What’s your priority? Best Light or Portability?

Depends on your needs. There are 4 options.

  • Option 1 – Dental & Office – Low cost, Clip on, Long Battery life = Low light output.
  • Option 2 – Battery LED Headlight – Suitable for surgery, larger batteries to generate higher light output, for surgeons who need mobility.
  • Option 3 – LED Lightsource + Fibreoptic Headlight – Bright & High CRI (Colour Rendering Index. Compared to the Sun) No lamp to replace = Economic advantage.
  • Option 4 – “Gold Standard” 300 & 400W Xenon Systems – provides best colour and highest light output. For surgeons who want the best.

What is CRI?

Colour Rendering Index. This is used to compare a light source’s ability to replicate the sun considered a CRI of 100. The higher the CRI the more natural the light.

How bright do you need your Surgical headlight?

When choosing a surgical headlight the CRI can be of higher importance than the intensity or brightness of the light. Brightness is usually measured in LUX or lumens.

Which headband is best for you?

Traditional (ponytail) or Cranial Support headbands are a personal preference and are often brand dependant.

How much do you have to pay?

Price, Quality vs Cheap and Bang for your Buck – Don’t buy the cheapest headlight. Buy the headlight that will do the best job for you now and for the future. A good quality headlight should last at least 5 years.

How long is the Warranty?

Warranties can depend on individual components and can range from 90 days to 5 years.

Can you try before you buy?

Yes. Be sure that you’ve tried the headlight during surgery to make sure it meets your needs. Don’t buy online or at overseas conferences as warranty claims can be a difficult and lengthy process.

Are you buying the latest technology?

Ask the company representative when the last product upgrade was made. If it wasn’t within the last 2 – 3 years reconsider the surgical headlight you purchase.

Is infection control an issue to consider when buying a surgical headlight?

Yes. Even though the headlight doesn’t come in direct contact with the patient it is possible for dried blood not cleaned off the headlight due to complex designs

Can I buy an HD Camera to go with my Surgical Headlight?

Yes. There are options available depending on your budget. Ensure (like your headlight) that you’re buying the latest technology. Full HD is now an industry expectation.

Is Surgical Headlight Cleanability important?

Yes! Cleanability is vital for patient safety! More information on cleaning can be found here: