Absorbable Bed Cover

Made from a non-woven PAA material, with a quilt of high fluid absorbing SAP crystals and a blue PE backing, to prevent fluids escaping from beneath. 

With an absorbable width of 75cm, (20cm more than most other commercially available pads) and the ability to absorb up to 12 litres of fluids, the ABC Ultra is superior in performance in all critical fluid management environments. 

  • Waterproof backed blue PE material, kind to the skin so the patient feels dry 
  • The super absorbent “quilt” absorbs up to 12 Litres of fluids 
  • Single use, disposable and hygienic, saves on laundry bills 

Applications include:

  • Patient under pad (full bed coverage) 
  • Operating Theatre table cover for extensive fluid absorption eg. Post Partum Haemorrhage & Caesarean Section 
  • Suitable for use with bariatric patients 
  • Protection of areas vulnerable to damaging secretions 
  • Spill sheet and worktop work area covers
  • Suitable for Operating Theatre, Maternity, Emergency, Wards etc. 

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