Futudent EduCam Full HD Camera

Initially developed for the Dental market but now used worldwide by Surgeons the small and lightweight Futudent loupe-mounted HD camera allows you to utilize both high quality video and still images in your daily communication with the patients and treatment team. Developed by dentists, the system is adaptable to various needs and uses. Using the camera is so easy that anyone can do it.

The camera captures exactly what you are seeing, meaning you only have to look at your target and press the pedal to record videos and take still images. You do not need to think about the filming, nor interrupt your work.

Features and Recordings

  • Full aluminium body ensures durability.
  • Weighs only 31 grams.
  • The optics have been designed for surgical purposes and have an area of perfect focus. The Futudent lenses offer an extended depth of field, allowing in-focus images of a 15 cm area (at a distance of 35-50 cm) with the standard 2x magnifying lens.
  • The camera features one USB2 or USB3 port+ and another USB port for the control pedal. The USB2 connection enables compatibility with most Windows- and Mac-based computers, and allows the capture of crisp HD video at 25 frames per second.
  • See Futudent recording software for additional information
  • Wireless use is possible with Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1.

Professional Video Editing

Professional video editing is available. Please contact us to find out more.

Product Brochure

Product Description

Effective and Easy-to-Use Recording Software

Recording videos and taking still images during dental work is simple and easy. No video filming skills are required. The Futudent recording software is controlled with a foot pedal: you start and stop recording just by pressing the pedal for 2 seconds, and with quick presses you take still images and create bookmarks for editing purposes. You can also add text to the videos and images.

All the recorded/uploaded material are saved to our secured cloud. Naturally, you may also save the videos on your own computer, USB stick, local server, etc. The recording software works on both Windows and Mac without any extra fees for additional computers.

Sharing videos or images with another users is just as fast and easy as sending an email. You can share videos with a specific user (your patient, colleague, etc.), or with a group of people (your surgical team, students, etc.) with the case feature of the Futudent cloud service. The receiver may watch the videos with any device, anywhere and anytime (provided that they have an Internet connection).

“Communication using videos has never been this easy and simple.”

Requirements for Windows

  • Your operating system should be Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Needs .NET Framework 4.5
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • One USB2 or USB3 port for the camera + another USB port for remote control pedal

Hardware requirements

Minimum for  HD recording

  • CPU rating over 3000*
  • Screen resolution of 1024×768 or higher

Minimum for  full-HD recording

  • Hardware encoding (QuickSync technology)
    • Intel i5 or i7 (Ivy Bridge or newer) processor
    • Intel graphic card
    • CPU rating over 4000*
  • Without hardware encoding
    • CPU rating over 5000*
  • Screen resolution of 1024×768 or higher

Recommended for  full-HD recording

  • Intel i5 or i7 (Broadwell or newer) processor
    • CPU rating over 5000*
  • Screen resolution of 1920×1080 or higher
  • USB 3 port for the camera

* Please look up the processor of your computer and check its CPU rating at www.cpubenchmark.net

Requirements for Mac

Recording and Utilizing Surgical Videos

Before Use

  • Create a personal account at User.futudent.com.
  • The installation and setup of the system requires no special skills. Simply download the latest software, run the installer and connect the camera to the USB port of your PC.
  • Prepare for recording by plugging the wireless receivers for your camera and pedal to your computer’s USB ports. Then you simply run the Futudent software.


  • You can control the whole recording process with the foot pedal; start, stop and pause.
  • You can take high quality still images with a press of the pedal, even while you are filming.
  • You can also extract still images from video footage afterwards.
  • Still images taken during video recording also function as bookmarks so you can easily find any specific part you want to show in the video. You can also write information in the bookmarks.

Editing Your Videos

  • You can export videos to any folder for later editing. To cut and edit the videos we recommend using a professional editing program such as Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere Elements.

Sharing, Storing and Utilizing Your Videos

  • The cloud service User.futudent.com keeps your videos and images safely stored and accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • You can share the videos with any colleague with an Internet connection. Your colleague just needs to open a free Futudent account (the invitation can be sent via e-mail).
    Similarly, if you need to receive a video from your colleague, simply use your personal Futudent.com account and ask him/her to share that video with you. It’s just that simple to start communicating better.
  • You can send an invitation to your colleague from your personal Futudent account. To this invitation, you can attach any material you have already uploaded to your Futudent account.
    For projecting your videos, connect the video capturing computer to an external display and run the capture software in full screen mode.
  • Several users can use the same camera. For patient security reasons, we recommend that every user register a personal Pro account with Futudent.
  • Several users can share one common storage quota, or use independent quotas (depending on the subscription). Each user should log in to the capture software with their personal user account in order to ensure that the videos are shared and stored on their personal accounts. In some countries, we also recommend that each user sets up a personal Windows account to ensure privacy. Please check with you local authorities to ensure you are fulfilling your patient security obligations.
  • You have full control of your videos, including their deletion. There is no obligation to share any video.

Patient Privacy

  • To ensure patient privacy, familiarize yourself with your country’s regulations. Some countries require written permission from the patient (sometimes an agreement captured on the video is enough). If the patient is not recognizable in any way in the video, less strict regulations may apply. We do recommend that the patients use a mask or dark glasses to be as unrecognizable as possible. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure each video complies with local regulations. Futudent does not take any responsibility for how videos meet local regulations.

Technical Problems?

  • Colour mismatches may be caused by many things, but one of the most common reasons is wrong white balance. It is important (but very easy!) to calibrate the camera to match the existing colour temperature. Place the included Futudent grey card into the area where you intend to use the camera, set up the actual lighting conditions and click the calibrate button in the software.
  • You can also easily adjust brightness, gamma (mid tones) and black point (shadows), as well as set manual white balance values.
  • http://www.futudent.com/en/support/futudent-setup-tutorial

Unique Cloud Service for Sharing Dentistry Videos

Utilizing and sharing your dental videos couldn’t be easier: they are saved in a highly secure cloud server and thus accessible by password with any device, anytime, anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection. Furthermore, you can create personal groups for sharing videos, images, discussions and other files, which is very useful for treatment teams, collegial consultations and learning purposes.


  • Your Futudent account and all uploaded material are protected with bank-level security.
  • You can access your Futudent account anytime, anywhere and with any device connected to the Internet.
  • You can store, access and share your videos and/or selected images both publicly and with closed groups of people and attach messages and other files to them.
  • Your private and group discussions in the cloud service are stored for further review and use.

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