Sunoptics Headlight Face Shields

Sunoptic Surgical is pleased to present the adaptive face shield for use with Xenon and LED Headlights. The unique design allows end-users to increase their personal protection from foreign contaminates by adding an anti-glare and anti-fog face shield to their existing headlight systems. 

The unique clip attachments allow users to attach a face shields to any existing Sunoptic headlight in a matter of minutes without the aid of bio-med technicians. 

The adaptive clips slide onto the headband permitting quick and simple face shield attachment and removal. While in use, the face shield remains secure to the headband, while permitting use of the users Xenon or LED headlight. The stand off created by the adaptive clips, also allows for compatibility with most loupes. 

  • Easy attachment to existing headlights – no serious modifications to the headlight needed or assistance by bio-med 
  • Able to connect to existing Sunoptic headlights – no need to invest in a new headlight system 
  • Added protection while using a headlight – increased personal protection during procedures 
  • Creates stand off away from user’s face – user can comfortably use loupes with face shield 
  • Can be adapted to a headband only – allows user to utilize face shield without a headlight 
  • Can be provided with generic headbands without headlight attachments
  • Premium Materials used with Anti-fog and Anti-glare coating 
  • Replacement kits for adaptive clips and shields available 
  • One size fits all configuration 

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