Sunoptics Wireless HD Headlight Camera

The Sunoptic LED+ Wireless HD Headlight Camera system allows users to capture the surgeon’s unique point of view of surgical procedures without compromising mobility or light output. With this convertible system, the camera can be easily removed for headlight-only needs, cleaning purposes, and for use on other Sunoptic Surgical headlights. The high-quality camera provides the entire operating room team with a crisp, clear image of the surgical site. Also, it can be used for a wide range of applications, including improving patient records, refining techniques, documenting revisions, and teaching purposes. 

Wireless transmission from the recording unit/battery pack to the receiver eliminates additional cables in the operating room and allows the user more comfortable movement around the patient table. Videos and still images are captured easily using a remote programming fob or by pressing the corresponding buttons on the recording unit/battery pack. Recordings and pictures are saved to a 128G SD card internal to the recording unit and exported easily to a computer via a USB to mini-USB cable. 

  • Multiple lenses for different fields of view Standard 12mm lens (16mm and 25mm available)
  • Captures crisp, high-definition images 1080P, 30FPS 
  • Control video recording and still images with recording unit or remote programming fob Surgeon or assistant controls camera view and video start/stop 
  • Real-time image view on the OR display 
  • Operating room team sees what the surgeon sees in real time 
  • Removable camera for headlight-only use 
  • Thumbscrew mount allows camera to be removed for cleaning, used on other Sunoptic headlights or when only headlight is needed 
  • Easy transfer of files to PC Images and footage are exported seamlessly after surgery 
  • Battery-powered unit allows maximum mobility 
  • No more power cords, surgeon can be truly mobile in the OR 
  • Lighter Headband with Rear Cranial Support 
  • Patented durable and adjustable head support for ideal comfort 
  • Robust Module with variable 20mm to 110mm spot 
  • Enjoy 70,000 Lux (measured at 40 cm working distance) with defined uniform white light throughout the variable spot size 

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