KYRA® Stirrup Replacement Pads

Kyra Stirrups – Purple Is The New Yellow

Why the name KYRA Medical?

KYRA has a number of meanings all of which resonate with what we want KYRA products to embody.

KYRA, in Greek, is a shortened form of Kyria which is a title of respect for a woman. In Slavonic the name Kyra means “strong women”, while in Russian it means a “female beloved leader” or the “the woman people look up to.” In Hindi and in Sanskrit it can mean woman of light. In Persian it is said to be the feminine form of Cyrus (Kyrus) the famous emperor of the Persian Empire and means “woman of power.”

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Product Description

KYRA® Quality for non-Kyra stirrups. 


KYRA® Medical® offers true replacement pads for yellow stirrups, blue non-fin stirrups and bariatric stirrups. 

Sold in pairs, our replacement pads match the quality of the original equipment. 

If your stirrups need more than just new pads, ask for a demo of KYRA® Stirrups – The Purple Stirrups! 

Product Brochure