Sunoptics RCS Headlight

The New TITAN “RCS” Rear Cranial Support Headband provides enhanced comfort due to the lightweight and flexible material. The new front to back crown support design allows for better module adjustment and stabilization. These features help minimize the fatigue that sets in during lengthy surgical procedures.

  • Lightweight, Comfortable and the new “RCS” helps minimize fatigue
  • BRIGHTEST Illumination Available
  • Module spot sizes offered: 20mm-110mm
  • Headlight cables available in bifurcated and straight configuration
  • Lensed 3.5mm fibre bundle with Grey armoured sheathing 9ft long
  • Fused fibres on the proximal end increase transmission efficiency by 10%
  • New Moulded UltraGrip Handle eases cable removal from the lightsource and aids against fibre damage

Sunoptics Brochure

Product Description


  • Newly Designed Lightweight Headband with Rear
    Cranial Support for added comfort
  • Headlight Module with 20mm-110mm Variable Spot @ 16”
  • Fused 3.5mm Bifurcated Moulded UltraGrip Cable 9’ Long with Wolf Lensed
    Proximal End to optimize light output Also available in 20mm-140mm Variable Spot @ 16″
  • New Moulded Junctions add Flexibility and the Reinforced Sheathing
    Protects the Fibre Bundle
  • Headband with Module Weight – 4.5 oz
  • Headband, Module and Bifurcated Cable Weight – 6.5 oz

System Includes

  • 1 Headlight With Rear Cranial Support “RCS”
  • 1 20mm-110mm Variable Spot Module
  • 1 3.5mm Bifurcated 9’ Long UltraGrip Cable with Lensed Wolf Proximal End
  • 2 Pre-packaged, Sterile, Disposable Joysticks
  • 1 Duffel Bag for storage

Ordering Information

  • SG35-110-VHB “RCS” Headlight 110mm Variable Spot Module and Moulded UltraGrip Bif Cable
  • SG40-110-VHB – Grey “RCS” HB, 110MM VAR. Spot Module, SU-0097 BIF Cable
  • SL-0040 Replacement Foam Comfort Liners (Set of 3)
  • SL-0013 Replacement Sterile Joysticks (Set of 10)
  • SU-0080 Replacement 3.5mm Moulded UltraGrip Bifurcated Headlight Cable
  • SU-0097 Sunoptic, 4MM, Fused Headlight Cable, with Moulded Grip for LED