Sunoptics LED-5500 Cable Free LED Headlight

The new LED 5500 Battery-Operated headlight is Sunoptic Surgical’s first low-cost LED headlight. It features a wireless design with no remote battery packs or cables. The battery is attached to the headband which allows for easy replacement during surgery. The wireless design also allows unlimited mobility for the surgeon in the operating room.

Sunoptics LED-5500 Brochure

Sunoptics Brochure

Product Description


  • No external wires or batteries
  • Quick change battery accessible on headband
  • New headband design distributes weight for maximum comfort
  • +/-30,000 lux output at 40cm distance with a bright, clean, uniform spot
  • Infinitely variable output switch on side of headband allows surgeon to set different light outputs which translates into longer battery life.
  • 20-110mm spot variability at 40cm working distance
  • 4 hour battery life for fully charged battery at maximum output
  • 4-5 hour recharge time
  • Low-battery indicator clearly visible on side of headband
  • Colour temperature 4,500° K
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 75