Sunoptics Surgical HD Headlight Camera System

Sunoptics Surgical® TITAN HD Camera Documentation System® provides the surgical team with the capability of documenting surgery for training purposes or for inclusion in medical referrals and records.

Interaction with the system is via a set of touch screen controls on front panel of the console. The controls may be used to enter patient information, hospital information, procedure and surgeon information. The Touch Screen controls are also used to control functions such as “record video”, “stop recording video”, record a still picture, playback, and “print stills”. The Icons are also used for various administrative functions and for downloading video to an external storage media such as USB memory stick or USB hard drive.”

Product Description


TITAN HD Headlight Camera System

The convergence of the light and camera at the same working distance means that the surgeon will never have to pause during the procedure to realign the camera with the light. What the surgeon sees in the centre of the headlight spot is what the camera captures.

  • Keeps the camera focused directly on the centre of the light spot
  • 3 to 1 magnification produces the same image surgeons’ see from their loupes
  • Deep depth of field ensures camera will remain in focus during lean-in/lean-out moments
  • No need to adjust camera angle during procedures
  • 400W of natural xenon light illuminate even deep anatomical structures

Two-in-One Camera and Headlight Module

The TITAN HD headlight camera system is a continuation of our history of providing the latest technology in order to meet demands for features needed in the market.

  • Newly designed headlight and camera module allows for true coaxial alignment of the camera and light without sacrificing light output or image quality
  • Headlight/Camera module fits comfortably between loupes and provide a unique perspective of the surgical site from the surgeon’s point of view.
  • True 1080P HD quality at 60 frames per second
  • 400W Xenon light from our Titan X450 light source brings even the most challenging areas of the surgical site into clear focus

Camera Console

The camera console is controlled by an intuitive touchscreen

  • Provides instruction to users on starting and finalising videos as well as capturing still images for each procedure
  • Use touchscreen to enter patient data (if desired), start and stop recording, capture still images and export case files to USB

Image Stabilisation

  • Works in real-time to minimise and steady undesirable head movements of the user
  • Leaves the viewing audiences with a cleaner, less jumpy video that is more comfortable to view
  • Enhances value of video captured as a teaching tool


The Sunoptic HDC-300C uses a video processor to bring out the natural colour of human tissues in order to generate bright and clear video and still images

  • Images appear bright, vivid, and well defined
  • Allows greater distinction amongst tissues

Simultaneous Recording

  • Video and still images are recorded to both the console’s hard drive and the connected USB storage device in real-time
  • Images captured during a procedure are immediately available to the surgeon after the procedure for review, demonstration, or consultation
  • Total hard drive size: 720 GB, approximately 48 hours of video
  • When console hard drive capacity has been reached, the recorder automatically starts overwriting the oldest files first
  • Records video and still images to the same case files
  • Saves uncompressed HD video and stills for clearest and sharpest image possible
  • Videos saved in MOV format, capable of playing on any PC or Mac with a media player

Video Management

  • Easily open, review, export to USB, and delete case files via the camera console
  • Patient data can be entered at the start of the case if desired
  • Camera system pairs easily with existing recorders to share videos and still images in preferred location

Technical Specifications

  • HD video camera 1080P by 1920, 60 FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • Records Stills and Video in uncompressed files
  • Simultaneous recording to hard drive and USB
  • Dual HDMI and DVI outputs
  • Video output can be stabilised or unstabilised