Sunoptics HDC-100 Headlight Camera

Illuminate your procedure more than ever before while also capturing a clear, accurate view of the surgical site with the new HDC-100 system. This camera system uses a unique combination of the headlight and camera in the same module to ensure proper alignment of light and video. When paired with a Xenon light source, the system provides superior daylight quality illumination and visualization of the surgical site. 

The HDC-100 is a high performing “plug and play” system providing excellent visualization of the surgical site to the OR team utilizing existing hospital recording systems. This one-of-a-kind HD Headlight Camera is designed to work with most medical recording devices. Utilizing two HDMI and one DVI video out ports, users are able to easily connect the camera headlight to any display directly or by utilizing connections on their overhead systems. 

The X450 light source optimizes the Sunoptic HDC-100 HD Headlight Camera by allowing the video to appear as crisp, clear and vivid as possible. This powerful 400 watt light source delivers unprecedented visibility for performing surgery even in the deepest parts of the surgical area. With its advanced xenon lamp design, the X450 delivers the whitest, brightest quality light over a longer period of time compared to traditional xenon lamps, making this light source the very best in its class. 

  • 1080P image quality at 60 FPS – True High Definition Image 
  • White balance procedure button – for best camera image
  • 350K Lux when paired with a Titan X450 – unparalleled illumination of the procedure area
  • 2x HDMI and 1x DVI video out ports – ease in connecting to a variety of displays and recording devices
  • Patented RCS headband design – optimum comfort during long procedures
  • 2.4 metre video cable connection to camera console 

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